Figure of a man walking up to a sign that says cost vs benefit.This is the third blog post in our comprehensive series on the EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) certification. In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is on the rise. To meet this demand, certifications have become essential for individuals looking to establish themselves in the field. One such certification is the EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT). In this blog, we will explore the cost associated with obtaining this certification and analyze whether it is truly worth the investment. We will also discuss the benefits of the CCT program, emphasizing its multidisciplinary learning approach.

What does it cost to get the EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) certification?

Obtaining the CCT certification incurs certain expenses that aspiring professionals should consider. Let’s break down the costs into two primary components: the cost of taking the certification exam and the cost of preparing for the exam.

A. Certification Exam Voucher:

To earn the CCT certification, candidates must pass the certification exam administered by EC-Council. The typical cost of the exam voucher is roughly $499, depending on various factors such as location and any promotional discounts available. It is important to check the official EC-Council website or authorized training centers for the most up-to-date pricing information. There are also many training centers that may be able to offer slight discounts when purchasing the voucher through their organization. It is important to note, some puchase options offer a retake voucher as a part of their cost. This is something to keep in mind when evaluating the best purchase option for you.

B. Exam Preparation:

Preparing for the CCT certification exam is a crucial step in ensuring success. The cost of exam preparation can vary based on the individual’s preferred learning method and resources. Here are some common options:

Self-Study Approach: This cost-effective method involves obtaining study materials such as textbooks, practice tests, and online resources and working independently. The price range for these resources can vary, but it is often more affordable compared to other options. It’s possible to obtain the e-courseware for as low as $99, with the ability to add on some additional study resources. Although this approach is the cheapest route, it requires self-discipline, dedication, and the ability to learn independently. One last thing to mention on this, the EC-Council is currently offering a promotion on the CCT certification. For only $199, the learner can get the exam voucher and e-courseware. This is a great option for someone on a limited budget.
Bootcamp Style Training: Bootcamps offer intensive, immersive training experiences that condenses the certification curriculum into a short period, typically spanning one week. Bootcamps often provide hands-on labs, interactive exercises, and expert guidance. The cost for a CCT bootcamp can range as low as $2000 up to $2700, depending on the training provider and location. Although bootcamps tend to be more expensive, they offer a focused and comprehensive learning experience, ideal for individuals seeking an accelerated path to certification. Additionally, most bootcamps also include things like courseware, labs, and exam vouchers as a part of the cost. The one thing to note on this option is that you should always ensure the provider of the bootcamp is an accredited training center with the EC-Council.

Is the EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) certification worth it?

Now that we’ve explored the cost aspect, let’s look into the value of the CCT certification. Here are the key benefits that make it a valuable investment for aspiring cybersecurity professionals:

A. Multidisciplinary Learning:

The CCT program is designed to provide a well-rounded education in various aspects of cybersecurity. Whereas some cybersecurity certification programs are singularly focused, the CCT was designed to give the learner a broader base across multiple subjects. It covers areas such as network defense, ethical hacking, digital forensics, and security operations. This multidisciplinary approach equips candidates with a comprehensive skillset that is highly sought after by employers. The program ensures that professionals are prepared to handle diverse cybersecurity challenges and contribute effectively to organizational security efforts.

B. Fundamental Knowledge and Industry Best Practices:

The CCT certification imparts essential knowledge in information security, network security, computer forensics, risk management, incident handling, and industry best practices. These foundational skills form the basis for a successful career in cybersecurity. By obtaining this certification, professionals gain a solid understanding of core concepts and are better equipped to navigate complex security landscapes. Additionally, with the CCT being an entry-level certification, providing the foundational knowledge prepares the professional for any entry-level position they decide to pursue. It truly puts those individuals into a position for jumpstarting a successful career.

C. Promising Career Prospects:

In today’s job market, employers often seek certified professionals to ensure the competency of their cybersecurity workforce. The Certified Cybersecurity Technician certification validates the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in entry-level cybersecurity roles. Holding this certification can significantly enhance job prospects and open doors to various opportunities in industries such as finance, healthcare, government, and consulting. In each of those industries, companies are searching for qualified professionals who can build a robust information security program. With the topics covered within this certification, and the backing of a brand like EC-Council, these professionals have a great opportunity to highlight their skillsets to employers.

D. Bootcamp Benefits:

In addition to the value from the Certified Cybersecurity Technician program, there are additional benefits from completing a bootcamp with an accredited training center. Opting for a bootcamp-style training program enhances the value of the CCT certification and provides additional resume building benefits. Bootcamps provide hands-on labs and capture the flag challenges, enabling candidates to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. These practical experiences not only reinforce learning but also develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These are critical skillsets that companies are looking for and can be of great benefit on a resume. Bootcamps also offer networking opportunities with industry professionals and like-minded peers, fostering valuable connections within the cybersecurity community.


The EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician certification is a valuable investment for individuals seeking to establish themselves in the field of cybersecurity. While there are costs associated with the certification, the benefits it offers make it a worthwhile endeavor. From its multidisciplinary learning approach to its focus on fundamental knowledge, industry best practices, and promising career prospects, the CCT certification sets the foundation for a successful cybersecurity career. Choosing to prepare for the certification through bootcamp-style training further enriches the learning experience by providing extensive hands-on labs and capture the flag challenges. Aspiring professionals who pursue this certification can position themselves as competent and skilled cybersecurity technicians, ready to tackle the challenges of today’s evolving digital landscape.

Remember, investing in one’s education and professional development is a long-term commitment that yields rewarding results. The CCT certification is a step toward building a successful career in cybersecurity and contributing to a safer digital world. If you are ready to take the next step, contact us today or register for one of our upcoming CCT courses.

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